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Being in the market place all the time we know
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McMillan Property Advisers is a specialist property advisory started by David McMillan with the aim of providing balanced, rational and conservative advice to both property purchasers and vendors.

McMillan Property Adviser's speciality is primarily providing advice to acquirers of property and helping find selected properties. However we do advise vendors on the sale of properties and selecting sale agents.

We use our knowledge and relationships formed from buying and dealing with selling agents to enhance the results of our client's property objectives. We have a network of professional service providers we regularly refer our clients to when they require external advice.

We are no fuss and call a spade a spade! We believe that if our advice is unbiase and rational our clients will stay with us for the long term, which is undoubtedly our main objective. Don't hesitate to contact us >

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Opportunities About - Keep Looking
Vendors and buyers are definitely waiting for something to change, what’s going to happen, who knows. The papers are full of predictions doom and gloom, but the inner Melbourne home property market will continue on.

Yes, prices have come off somewhat in the last few  years. In some cases we are back at 08-09 levels but this is not the case for all properties.

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