Being in the market place all the time we know what buyers are thinking when it comes to quotes, we know what you can & can't do..

McMillan Property Advisers is a specialist property advisory started by David McMillan with the aim of providing balanced, rational & conservative advice...

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Buying property is a very tough process for the inexperienced buyer, particularly in the Melbourne property market. Is it an Auction, Private sale, or Tender? How do you know what the market is really doing? Am I paying too much? Will I miss out? Is this the right one?

The whole buying process can be very intimidating and if you are unsure about what you are doing, this may result in wrong decisions being made. Such as an unsuitable property being purchased or missing out on the one you really like. I don’t know how many times I have heard, “I wish I had purchased the first one I saw, if only I knew what I know now…”

As buyer advocates our job is to inform our clients about the property market; the good, the bad and the ugly of particular properties. Buyer advocates provide information and then lay out the options. We aim for our clients to make informed decisions about their purchases. We know when to take action to secure the right property for the right price on the right terms…. We’ve been doing this for years.

Experience in the market place is critical in order to make informed decisions. We have a track record of successful purchases. We are skilled negotiators, be it auction or private sale.

Check the gallery of transactions and testimonials.

Our service:

Complete service, from selection to settlement

Our brief is to work with you from the start until settlement

We are with you to help make all those important decisions

You may be emotionally attached, we help keep this in check

Decisions made are rational and measured

We have coordinated strategies

Property searching

We have access to a data base of selected agents that deal with quiet sales

We know areas and often hear of properties coming up before anyone else

We set strict search criteria

Our selection criteria has a track record of performance

There are certain types of property we will not recommend buying

Property Assessment

We check a property against the search criteria

We look at what has been sold in the area and what else is available that is similar

Assess the likely sale price, provide an optimum purchase range

Work out who the competition might be; other buyers, owners

Reality check - what will this property sell for and what is too much to pay!

We have an extensive database of results from houses that have been sold before.

We negotiate settlement terms and varied deposits to suit our cleints

A strategy at auction will make a difference to the end price

We have attended 100’s of auctions and know what works and what doesn’t.

We’ve seen the mistakes made by bidders. People bidding against themselves, missing out by being too clever, not understanding what’s really happening, losing confidence, being intimidated by the auctioneer, bidding against a dummy bidder.

We know how to handle a difficult negotiation.

We have saved $1000’s with our negotiation skills.

We know how agents work and counteract their processes to your advantage.

Bidding with purpose, when to break the bidding down or when to jump it, this is what experience provides.


Hide the identity of the buyer

All our transactions are confidential and we protect our clients interest at all times

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