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Vendor advocacy started a long time ago. Initially it was on an informal basis where our clients asked for a recommendation on which agent to sell their property with, as we have vast knowledge on agent’s performance through our property buying.

Initially we used to simply suggest an agent and off our client would go…happy days…not always the case. Many of these sales did not end well, with negative feedback about the agent and agency, and subsequently us.

A decision was made not to recommend sales agents, unless we had involvement in the process and thus could monitor progress, and exercise a degree of control over the process. We needed to protect our recommendation as you are only as good as who you recommend. We now have a well-oiled process for our Vendor Advocacy service.

Select the correct agency and agent for your property

We know which agents are best to sell particular types of properties and who is performing in the current market conditions

We deal with the agents, you make the decisions

Our service extends all over Melbourne

Assess sale agent’s presentations

We step you though the positives and negatives of each presentation and provide an independent basis for making decisions.

If the agent’s advice is inaccurate we let you know

We don’t start the process until you are totally around what is happening

You don’t sign anything until a selling agent is selected

Our price guidance is accurate and we discuss this before the sale process starts

We are acting in the current market and have up to date information way before it hits the media. You will be surprised what we know.

Getting the quote right and vetting advertising schedules is critical to a successful sale. We know what works and what doesn’t , very important

Being in the market place all the time we know what buyers are thinking when it comes to quotes, we know the legislation, what you can and can’t do. Getting the quote right is critical to a successful sale.

We advertise to benefit your property not the agent.

Select copy and photographs to best represent your property

Negotiate agents’ commissions and advertising cost to reflect the property being sold.

Manage the entire sales campaign and selling agent

Our role is to oversee the whole sales campaign and empower the agent to concentrate on selling the property and attracting buyers rather than dealing with other issues.

Our role is to keep you informed as to what exactly is going on so you can make logical informed decisions.

Once the sale begins, agents follow a stringent reporting procedure, along with update meetings and regular price guidance. We know

what is happening and when to take action

All agent calls are directed through us

We monitors the agents performance and buyer follow up procedure

We are totally behind the scenes

Advise on reserve price and how to handle negotiations

Our advice on reserve prices and how to handle negotiations whether public auction or private sale is accurate and unbiased

We don’t let you be put in the pressure cooker

Before a sales campaign commences we make sure you are in the right space for a successful sale

Do the agents like us being involved?

Many would rather have unrestricted access to the vendor so they can do what they want…

We have good relationships with most agents and those that we consider good at their job get plenty of jobs from us.

We make the whole sales process much simpler and stream lined.

We don’t use all agents or agencies, as in any industry there are top performers and average performers, we know who to select

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