Experience in the market place is critical in order to make informed decisions. We are highly skilled negotiators, auction or private sale...


Being in the market place all the time we know what buyers are thinking when it comes to quotes, we know what you can & can't do...

McMillan Property Advisers is a specialist property advisory started by David McMillan with the aim of providing balanced, rational & conservative advice...

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Thank you for your patience, professionalism and honest advice. I know this purchase would rate at the smaller end of the scale for you, however I never felt that throughout our dealings...


Once again, thank you for all your assistance with the purchase of the house in Hawthorn, we have finally moved in and we’re enjoying the house, we have finally moved in and we’re enjoying the house and location immensely. Naturally we are raving about the service and value wherever we go. We’d love you to drop in some time for a meal and catch up if you have the chance


Louise and I wanted to write to express our appreciation of your assistance in helping us purchase our family home. We are convinced that without your strategy and advice, we would be out there still looking, like so many others.
As a real estate agent some might question my need for your services but I know better than most the pitfalls of purchasing “the perfect” family home. Your ability to temper/remove our emotional enthusiasm at the negotiating table certainly reduced the eventual purchase price and therefore secured the property for us.
In the last few weeks since purchasing the house we have had the opportunity to reflect on the price we paid and compared to what is selling in the market place we are convinced that we bought 10-15% under what comparable properties are selling for.
Once again many thanks from Louise and I for great service.

Regards P.P, Director, Hocking Stuart (South Yarra) Pty Ltd( 16/03/07 )

I was deeply impressed by your professional approach to the purchase and as you know delighted by the price that you eventually negotiated at the auction which was, as you are aware, $40,000 less than the maximum we were prepared to pay for the property......Again our thanks for an excellent job.


We are finally in! Now all that remains is for the unpacking!
Thank you both for all your help guiding me through the process of buying my first home.
We have had it repainted and carpeted and it looks fantastic.
We couldn’t have done it without you.

Kind regards M and B

We have enjoyed working with David McMillan.
We found David’s advice to be very consistent, balanced and honest.
As a negotiate only client, on each occasion we found a property David would inspect the property promptly and provide feedback regarding the pros and cons of each house and whether we should proceed with the purchase. David’s experience in the industry proved very successful in this regard.
During this process and with David’s guidance we learned a lot about what to look for in a home. This insight assisted with our short listing process.
David’s negotiation skills are succinct and targeted which benefited us when deciding on the house we would purchase.
We are happy to recommend the skill of David and Domain Buyer Advocates to our friends and continue to do so.

Yours sincerely J and S.F( 26/09/06 )

Thank you for giving us such accurate advice during the negotiations to purchase our property. Because of this we were able to obtain our home, even though there was a higher offer on the table. Without your instruction, we would surely have missed it.
Your wisdom has been invaluable and we are extremely grateful to you for your knowledgeable guidance.

Regards N.S and C.N

David – Again – Thanks for your assistance towards a good result. Also for information in your letter which is helpful and which is being pursued.

Regards A.M( 30/11/05 )

Thank you very much for your help in getting the Unit. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2008.

Best regards J.R( 14/12/07 )

After seeing many properties and wanting to jump head first into nearly every one we would like to thank you for your wisdom and guidance. Throughout our entire business relationship it was obvious you weren’t going to let us choose a house just because it was easy or because we were fed up with looking.
We appreciate your openness to our ideas and for listening and clarifying exactly what we wanted to do with the property we wanted to buy. As a first time buyer it was a real relief to have someone who knew the market, studied it daily and was realistic with what could be done with the amount of money we had to spend.
We see so much potential with the property we bought and can’t wait to see the finished product.
Thanks to you and Gill both, you helped us more than your job entailed and you’ll be hearing from us again soon.

Thanks T and D.H

Thanks for your fantastic effort on Saturday with the purchase of Paterson Street, Middle Park.
We strongly recommend your services and we are going to send you a formal recommendation letter for you and your business – you saved us what we consider a substantial amount of money on the anticipated purchase price (which we can now use for the renovation) and the stress and hassle of dealing with the agents.
We appreciated your honesty, work ethic and professionalism – look forward to using you again soon in the future.
More than happy to recommend you to friends, family and colleagues.

Thanks again R and F

Just wanted to pass on my thanks for taking the time to meet with Sim and I this morning. We really appreciate your perspective and it has helped with our decision making real estate. Sorry that I missed you at the end of the meeting.

Cheers E( 17/05/09 )

A very belated but sincere thank you for your efforts on my behalf during the selling and buying of my properties. I believe you were also involved in the installing of the new roof. Things are gradually falling into place here – thanks to Keith’s efforts. Not quite within my budget bounds but it is starting to work very nice. Again many thanks and I hope you had a memorable trip to N.Y.

Regards C( 6/10/09 )

Our sincere thanks for all the work and time you have put into us over the past 2 years. You have always been there for us and available as a sounding board while we kept changing our mind! We eventually found our place and you did a fantastic job on the day.

Kind Regards G and D.M

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Thanks for all your support and a job well done. Please find enclosed a check for invoice number 153. We are counting the days till settlement, looked at hundreds of kitchen appliances and paint colours.

We are eager to do an inspection closer to settlement and measure up some rooms for furniture fittings etc.
Speak to you soon, and hopefully have a drink at move in.

Kind regards, R.W

Dear David and Gill, We are finally in! Now all that remains is for the unpacking! Thank you both for all your help guiding me through the process of buying my first home.
We have had it repainted and carpeted and it looks fantastic. We couldn't have done it without you.

Kind regards, M and B

Please find enclosed the balance of your fee. Thank you for your service, we would (and do) recommend it to others.

Regards A.M( 9/11/2000 )

Please find enclosed cheque as payment for services for purchase of 1Clifton street. We have been here for one week today, and are gradually getting through the unpacking! Everything is great, thank you for all your help and encouragement.

Yours faithfully, J.D( 7/8/02 )

Our wedding is one and a half weeks away. Derek has moved into the house and things are slowly being delivered.

We just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your assistance in enabling us to purchase our first home. Your experience and advice has been invaluable and we have learnt a lot along the way about the world of real estate, and had some fun in the process!!

We would be happy to recommend your services to our friends, just as you were recommended to us by other friends!

Kind regards, D and S

Many thanks for your patience and expertise. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

S and C

Thank you for helping me purchase Ballantyne st. My cats and I are very happy!

I have no doubt that your auction day strategy worked in my favour - and it was certainly fun to watch!
Your service was invaluable - thanks for being on my side!

M.F( September 2001 )

Thank you very much for your help and work in helping us buy a nice house. We move in tomorrow!
Please find enclosed a cheque in accordance with invoice #122.

Kind regards, C and A.M( 15/5/2001 )

When I first heard about David McMillan from one of his very happy clients, I thought he was a luxury I couldn’t afford. But as I began house-hunting myself, inspecting properties and attending auctions, I quickly realised he was a necessity I couldn’t do without.

From our first meeting, David imbued me with confidence - but not false confidence. He clearly understood the nature of the market and helped me establish criteria, priorities and reasonable expectations. He was also realistic in his appraisals of properties that I asked him to look at, saving me heart-break and a fortune on one prettily-presented but structurally-unsound villa that would have needed costly remedial work in just a few years’ time.

When we finally found a suitable property, David capped it off with a bravura performance and the winning bid at auction - it was like Clark Kent stepping into the phone box and emerging as ... Super Buyer! Afterwards, a lady in the crowd tapped him on the elbow and asked: “Can I have your card?” It was the perfect Harry Met Sally Moment, as if to say: “I’ll have what she’s having!”

But the service didn’t end there. David was on hand right through the settlement, always available for advice and help. I have no hesitation in recommending him - indeed, I do so often!


Thanks for helping us find our pad - we pinch ourselves in amazement everyday. We love it!

S and B

...Thank you very much for your help and work in helping us buy such a nice house. We move in tomorrow!

C and A.M

Thanks for your assistance with our house purchase - we are looking forward to moving in soon!

We are happy to have the final inspection on Friday 21 June, and are hoping you would be able to organise this for us. We look forward to speaking to you soon about this.Regards, H and A.K

Regards, H and A.K

...I have no doubt that your auction day strategy worked in our favour - it was certainly fun to watch! Your service was invaluable - thanks for being on my side!


Apologies for the delay in sending your cheque - I had overlooked the envelope amongst the pile and thankfully found to-night in cleaning out paper for recycling - did think about the circular file for a moment. Thanks for your help. See you September 22nd for inspection.

Kind regards, G.O

We have been here for a week today, and gradually getting through the unpacking! Everything is great, thank you for all your help and encouragement.


Please find enclosed a cheque for payment of Invoice #117 Thank you both for all your help so far. We are very much looking forward to the day we can move into our new home!

Regards M.F

Well, what more can I say than many, many thanks for all your help, professionalism and advice on the purchase of Silver Street as well as the sale of Turnbull Avenue. With your friendly, easy manner you have definitely made this process less stressful and easy for us. Plus I have learned a huge amount from you about the buying and selling of houses... Thanks again David.


Having just spent the weekend in my new home I wanted to say thank you for all that you have done to assist me to find my unit and go about making it my own.

David, your wealth of knowledge and easy going manner made it so easy for me to feel completely confident in everything you suggested to me. Thanks for keeping me focussed on my original plan, to buy in the Glen Iris area, I am thrilled with the postcode of my unit.

Thank you for our personal, yet highly professional, service. I have no hesitation in recommending Domain to all my friends who are looking to buy.

Thanks again, P.H( 25/10/06 )

Thanks for all your support and a job well done... We are counting the days till settlement, looked at hundreds of kitchen appliances and paint colours...


To whom it may concern, David McMillan acted on our behalf during negotiations for the purchase of our warehouse in 2001. His level headedness and ability to negotiate and communicate was apparent from the outset and was appreciated, not only by us, but also by the Vendor and representatives.
It is not very often I will recommend tradesmen and professional people alike to friends and family, but I have no hesitation in recommending David to all and sundry. All have relayed to me their satisfaction.
David’s follow up and interest in our project was terrific. His contacts in, and knowledge of the building industry is excellent and were of great assistance.

Yours sincerely, M.L

Thank you for all your help firstly with Irene Street and then with Iffla Street property. A very big thank you. Without your help we would have definitely paid too much... Warmest regards

C.A and E.B

Just a quick note to express our thanks for your assistance with the purchase of our first home in Findon St, Hawthorn. We are thrilled with the property and thoroughly enjoy spending time there. We were married in South Australia in late October and it was very special to us that we could return from our honeymoon to our new house, which has rapidly filled with wedding gifts of every description.

Our thanks again for your guidance and patience in finding the perfect place for us within our budget.

Best wishes, F and H.F

Thanks for your help David. Made the whole process almost stress-free. I’ll be in touch to invite you to the house warming


I recently engaged David’s services for the purchase of my property in Richmond. For me, the purchase of a property was not a quick process. It involved weekly (and often daily) perusal of the various real estate websites and publications, then followed shortly after by a call to David (“Mate, what do you think about this place? When can you have a look at it for me? What’s it worth?”) I quickly lost count of the number of places that David inspected both for me and also with me. This almost constant contact I had with David over many months was both very enjoyable and significantly increased my knowledge and appreciation of quality property. I now walk into houses and feel that I am able to view them with a critical but educated eye - this often leads to the conclusion “David wouldn’t like it!”

I always found David to be extremely approachable, reliable (if he said he’d look at a place for me, he always did so), friendly and brutally honest. I lost count of the number of houses that David talked me out of! However, his persistence, enthusiasm, knowledge of (and contacts within) the industry and the real estate market across all suburbs and (most importantly) patience resulted in me purchasing a property with all of the fundamental features I required and which I am extremely confident will stand the test of time as a good home and investment. As circumstances transpired, I am certain that were it not for engaging David, I would not have purchased my property.

Overall, I found the process of purchasing property with David to be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience, particularly as it took away much of the uncertainty involved with the purchase of real estate and gave me confidence that I was making a good decision. It almost came as a disappointment when the search process finally came to an end!

I would highly recommend all people looking to purchase real estate to get David on board, as it’s a tough market and I firmly believe that you need a tough, honest player in your court, rather than playing against you. I have no doubt that he will prove to be value for money.


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